This goes to an item the County needed clarification on and the Deloitte and their attorneys just couldn’t give them a straight answer, so they got fired.  In reading this Deloitte asked the County if they had been properly following federal tax rules while making a 5 percent pre-tax deduction.  Deloitte had to subcontract with a law firm and they declined to comment, don’t you just love this, that kettle is too hot for me to jump into.  Sometimes its even damn hard to get a judge who’s up to date with all their investments as they don’t seem to pay enough attention sometimes and find themselves in a conflict of interest and wonder how did that happen until someone else who maybe discovered it explains, it’s transparency today.  image

3 Judges in Health-Care Lawsuits Caught Up In Potential Conflict of Interest-It’s Called Subsidiary Watch-Be Aware of Your Investments With Mergers and Acquisitions

It’s all about providing employee health insurance benefits too, what else.  It sounds like the two tried to reconcile and I would hate to the be sales rep for Deloitte right about now tooThis is becoming more common place in the US too as the algorithmic worlds, largely built by insurance companies for healthcare are a bitch, let’s face it and nobody and I mean nobody likes it as our bodies “hurt” from being shoved into so many data bases and then being “sequelled” (SQL) to death and out of that we get some score that tells us our risk assessment.  The only folks that like all of this are those who make a buck off it.  Granted there’s a lot of good health IT services out there, but this one of them that is known to be deceitful and they get their algorithms wrong all the time too.  When the public complains, insurers adjust the algorithm up to let a few more claims through with adjusting the parameters set and when the public attention dies down, they go adjust it back up again.  It’s been that way for years. 
Let’s take a look at a post I made back in August of 2009, we need a department of algorithms as we certify and go over medical records systems with a fine tooth comb but the insurers get to do what ever they want with their algorithms whenever they want and nobody audits.  I read today even the SEC has no audit trails for transactions either. I don’t know who’s software Deloitte uses but many insurers own a lot of those folks too so who knows maybe software from an insurer subsidiary complicated matters here too when questioning the County to check their procedures? 

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

So this case to me from what I read here looks like both parties got fed up with the complicated algorithms and this is what we got and even the attorneys didn’t want to be in here.  A lot of the time, companies who write analytical software never use it themselves, but I do give Microsoft credit here as they do “eat their own dog food”.  All we hear of late is write code and get rich so somebody got rich here and they are long gone and we have 2 focuses here that just got sick and tired of the complications and algorithms some programmer wrote along the way.  BD
Miami-Dade County, frustrated over what it asserts is an inability to get a straight answer, fired Deloitte Consulting LLP as its employee-benefits consultant Monday, alleging breach of contract.
The spiraling dispute stems from Miami-Dade’s request — amid heated labor contract negotiations — for a legal opinion from Deloitte on whether the county can, under federal tax law, offer to deduct 10 percent of employees’ pay for health-care premiums.
The county needs clarification on the pretax health care deductions quickly, since it is pushing to have labor agreements with 10 unions by Nov. 1. The mayor has pledged to begin layoffs if agreements aren’t in place by that deadline in order to ensure the county stays within budget.
The county, which currently makes 5 percent pretax deductions from salaries for health-care coverage, wanted to offer unions the 10-percent pretax deduction as an alternative to pay cuts.


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