I like this video and it has some important messages and boy do we see this today.  Gee I see it all over Twitter every day with judgments and a little less caring than imagewhat we used to have.  If someone’s numbers is skewing a study, let’s kick him out, he’s the bad guy making a mess out of our study.  In reality the bad guy maybe just needs help and there within lies this conflict of interest.  I don’t put posts on this blog that tells everyone what to do and repeat “Magpie” news items where everyone feels they need to repeat to reach those “bad” guys, as education is so much better and you just make those folks feel bad or they get mad. 

It’s like if I see one more article on how medical records improve care, I want to scream, that battle has been won a long time ago and we know they do, but people continue to feel this burning need to keep reiterating it all the time.  I’ve even had other folks on Twitter agree with the fact that they are tire of it too, so let’s move on and go to the next level and work on the mechanics, security, implementation and so forth as there’s a lot of work there to be done.  The message in this video kind of tells us to be aware of our own “Conflicts of Interest” and take a different view here and there and that’s not a bad idea.  Check out the video on the black spots on his face and his recovery process here as he was badly burned in an accident.

Conflicts of Interest

In life we encounter all kinds of people, many biased and sometimes we too get blinded with conflicts of interest.  He found he was interfering with his own science with his bias.  Something to give some thought too with trials and studies.  BD 



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