The service is provided via American Well, which has been around for quite a while and their efforts were first used in connection with Blue Cross in Hawaii a couple imageyears ago.  When using the service you get to see an OptumHealth (UnitedHealth care) doctor or nurse for your consultation.  There’s a disclaimer on the Rite-Aid page that states they are “independent providers”.  The nurses and doctors will also be able to refill prescriptions and give out educational information, along with of course grabbing that data and adding it to a data base somewhere in the data bases maintained by the company.  It’s not all a bad thing for care, but as we know prescription data is sold on the market like crazy so you get this at any pharmacy any more as a consumer.  I don’t know what value it holds for Rite-Aid but Walgreens said their data selling business is worth just under $800 million, lot of money.  Prescription costs are not included in the visit and are separate. 

The website says during the promotion period with getting started you get a nurse consult for free and the doctor charge is $45 for a 10 minute visit, so when you log on, clock’s running so be prepared as you can pay more if the visit takes more time. 

Now Clinic

You will need to submit your own claims as that part is not connected but I can guess it kicks out the summary you need to submit your claims and have your credit card ready to pay or an ATM card.  BD

“Services provided via NowClinic online care are not submitted by NowClinic or the provider to your health coverage plan, Medicare, or any state Medicaid program for reimbursement or any other third-party payor. When you use NowClinic online care, you are responsible for all fees for services provided.

CAMP HILL, Pa., Sep 15, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- --Rite Aid and OptumHealth First to Provide "Virtual" Clinics in a Retail Pharmacy Setting

Rite Aid and OptumHealth are bringing the latest in quality, convenient online health care to Rite Aid customers in the greater Detroit area with the introduction of NowClinic(SM) Online Care services, now available inside select Rite Aid pharmacies. NowClinic offers Rite Aid customers real-time access to convenient medical care, information and resources from doctors and OptumHealth nurses. Rite Aid and OptumHealth are the first to provide a virtual clinic in a retail pharmacy setting.

Through private, face-to-face consultations using the Internet, Rite Aid customers can see and speak directly to doctors who are able to discuss symptoms, provide guidance, diagnose and prescribe certain medications when appropriate. Customers can also interact with OptumHealth nurses, who are able to address a range of health care needs such as basic health care education, information on common acute issues and assistance in identifying appropriate provider options for care. A customer record is automatically captured at the end of each interaction and is available for immediate sharing with a customer's primary care provider, maintaining continuity of care.


Customers can also access NowClinic Online Care 24/7 by visiting , which is especially convenient when customers are not able to visit a doctor's office or for when offices or their local Rite Aid are not open. Currently, conversations with nurses are complementary and a 10-minute consultation with a doctor is $45.


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