Here of late, we hear about the big daisy chains of subsidiaries being built by insurance companies and here’s one more that consults with getting drugs and devices approved through the FDA.  This is not brand new and has been a imagesubsidiary for a while but with all the other entities being taken over, such as HMOs and IPAs this goes for a good mention as when you look at the number of companies who own other companies today it get mind boggling and with my blog here I try to point areas as such out so when making a purchase you know who’s bottom the money fulfills.  The subsidiary is actually under the Optum umbrella which falls under the United name.  The company files and maintains clinical trial information for investigational drugs. 

Not only in the US, but they are also involved according to their website in Canada and Asia as well.  When I think of Asia I wonder how their China Gate subsidiary plays in here too as their goals are to promote the development of drugs and medical devices in China for distribution and sales throughout the world, which included the US I believe.  Gee it almost sounds like between all the subsidiaries they can start with a submission for a new drug and carry it through all the way down to what another subsidiary will pay for it once FDA approved right and use bank they own for all the money?  BD  

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

CanReg is now OptumInsight , part of Optum — a leading health services business. We are a company dedicated to global regulatory consulting services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. More than 100 in-house consultants and staff serve clients in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

canreg’s senior consultants have many years of experience working with the FDA.  Strategic regulatory insight is critical at all stages of product development.  Thorough knowledge of the people, processes and current guidance documents means that canreg can move your product forward.

Our clinical trials group has experience in the filing and maintenance of dozens of Investigational New Drug Submissions (INDs).  This work has supported clinical trials and drug development programs in all Divisions at the FDA. canreg meets with FDA staff on an ongoing basis for many of our clients.

Planning and implementing a New Drug Application (NDA) is an enormous undertaking for any organization.  Having been through the process many times before, canreg’s team can help your organization navigate the successful journey to product approval. Our experience with CTD and eCTD formats will ensure that your application meets the most current filing requirements.


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