You have to love this video and the conversations between the 2 and anybody in medical billing will certainly jump on this one for sure.  I liked it and thought this is really good for the general public to know.  When I was writing my medical records program I had to import all these updates to the current system all the time, each quarter codes are added and codes are deleted.  When doctors create their super bills, this means change if any of them affect the most commonly used codes. Shoot years ago I had a doctor hit the ceiling when all the diabetes codes were expanded and this was 5-6 years ago.

140,000 codes will be there for the physician to choose from.  There are some that are insulting like “bizarre personal appearance” and gee what a code huh?  Let’s see what CPT code would unite with this one?  You can go all over the place with that one.  Granted new technologies needed to be added but listen up and hear about the 3 codes for walking into a lamppost too.  This is hilarious.  Heck what if the patient doesn’t know if they were bit by a turtle or tortoise?  Water skis on fire is yet one other great code!  October 1st on 2013 is the transition date and there’s a lot of companies just ready to cash in here for the big bucks.  India is ready to help us with our IT misery on this one.

Healthcare's ICD-10 Project Deadlines Could be a Jackpot for India’s IT Companies

There are also a lot of US companies who have produced the software to translate between the old and the new, again cha ching ching in Health IT expenditures and how long before that bubble bursts one day?  In addition there’s a lot of talk requesting that the process be delayed and Dr. Halamka up at Harvard has been one who has voiced his opinion on this simply due to the fact that it is too much on the plate for healthcare CIOs today.  You can read more about his recent interview on ICD10s and the over stressed CIOs of healthcare below and I have touching and blogging about that here on several posts for the last year myself. 

Dr. Halamka Speaks About Health IT–“CIOs are on Overload” and It Would be A Blessing to Stall Off ICD-10 to 2016 - The Straw Breaking the Camel’s Back

That is very true and the folks who make and set these timelines are usually those without any real “hands on” experience in this area and just project. 

Should ICD-10 Implementation Be Delayed With A SnoMed Adoption Focus Come First?

This has a snowball effect with rolling over to the public CIOs who have said they know more about health IT now than they ever expected to learn and absorb, not to mention be responsible for implementation.  WellPoint plans on having machine learning do some of this for you with IBMWatson technologies it seems with some machine learning techniques soon with maybe just jumping in a plucking those new codes out…time will tell how that will work:)  I used to work in logistics and the harmonized tariff for customs is not anywhere near this level, and that is from business that is highly automated too by comparison.  BD 

Healthcare Reform Putting Additional Pressure on Public and Medicaid CIOs-The Health IT Bubble Gets Closer As Money And Digital Literacy is Scarce


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