Talks are scheduled to resume but in some instances, surgeries had to be rescheduled or postponed.  As I read here this involves government hospitals for the most part and with recent incidents in the news the doctors probably have very good reason to want better security.  I’m sure some of these sentiments could be shared by doctors in the US too as we seem to be seeing more incidents happening imageat our hospitals here in the US as well.  Doctors do need to be able to feel secure when treating patients for sure no matter where you are.  The NHS over the last number of years has also been busy recruiting doctors from India as well so does this leave the country short handed? 

India is not the only area where doctors are protesting as in July doctors were also protesting and striking in Israel with wanting better working conditions and signed petitions to wanting better working conditions. 

Medical Students and Doctors Protest in Israel Demanding Improvements in the Healthcare System

Back in 2009 doctors went on strike in India after being attacked by family members in some hospitals so it sounds like security issues still need attention with this recent strike.

Doctors attacked in India Hospital – Threatened to Go On Strike after violent attack by Patient family Members

Also worth a note is that if access is not available, many have had to rely on the unreliable services offered by roadside street doctors who may or may not be of help as they may suggest herbs and other types of home remedies when in fact that’s not what a patient needs when critically ill. 

Roadside Street Doctors Are A Thriving Business in India

Nobody loses greater than the patient having access but again it appears to be the point that this is the last resort on getting attention so action can be taken to provide secure environments for doctors to practice in India.  BD 

Mumbai: Medical services in Maharashtra were severely hit on Saturday as over 3,000 resident doctors in government hospitals across the state went on an indefinite strike to press for enhanced security at hospitals, even as talks with authorities proved unsuccessful, doctors said.
Patients at various hospitals were hard pressed to find a doctor. Department heads at various hospitals said that more than 50 percent of their scheduled surgeries had to be postponed.

"We had two meetings today - one with the Mumbai's Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar and the other with the director of DMER (Directorate of Medical Education and Research) Dr P.S. Shingare. While the municipal commissioner has agreed to most of our demands, Shingare has asked for some time to look into the matter," said Pankaj Nalawade of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) from KEM Hospital.
Nalawade said three government hospitals in Mumbai that come under the municipal corporation have major security issues. He also identified 11 government hospitals across the state which do not have adequate security for doctors.

"We have scheduled a meeting with Shingare Sunday and are awaiting a positive outcome. Till then, we continue to strike work," Nalawade said.

Around 400 doctors from Nagpur's government hospitals also joined Saturday's strike. "Manhandling and assault of doctors should stop. Authorities have to see to it that doctors are provided with proper security," said Bhausaheb Munde of MARD, Nagpur.
This is the ninth such incident this year, Nalawade said, while reiterating MARD's demand for better CCTV surveillance and security in hospitals. "We keep voicing our concerns but they fall on deaf ears."


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