I am busy working all the time so I don’t have much opportunity to catch his show but in Los Angeles his show will be now seen at 3 pm.  We all watch David Ono here and he had his visit with Dr. Oz.  The Race for the Cure is coming soon in Orange County and this year Dr. Oz will be attending that event as well that begins at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.  Back in December I actually had the opportunity to participate in a phone interview along with a few others from the press and was able to ask a question or two about his 11 week diet plan that began at the beginning of the year.  You can use the link below to read more. 

Dr. Oz “11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It” Revolutionary Weight Loss Challenge to Launching Jan. 3, 2011

Our new anchor got a good report so he doesn’t have any current worries according to the video below.  It was kind of nice to see Dr. Oz back in MD format and he may do more of that on the show but I’m working when his show is on the air.  BD

My story is a snapshot of what America has become, a country whose families are torn apart prematurely because of heart disease, our number-one killer.

More than anything else, my job as a father is to change my genetic course, to buck the trend. You do it through diet and exercise and Dr. Oz helped me gauge if I was, in fact, doing it right.

I took an echocardiogram. It basically looks at the rhythm of your heart and detects any abnormalities. The news was good: Mine was normal.

Finally, level seven. I was 18 and a half minutes in. My breathing was getting shorter and my heart rate was at a stressed 171.

It's time to stop the treadmill so doctors can take a good look at it.

After that, the doctors re-imaged my heart. The ultrasound allowed them to see all the chambers. If any part of the heart wasn't pumping properly, they'd see it.

"What's the verdict? It's perfect. It really is wonderful," Dr. Oz said.

The news was good, but it was just a reminder that I'm on the right track. If I stop my healthy habits tomorrow, my good health goes away with it.



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