Whatever!  Has anyone died from this yet?  I don’t think so and again the news said it buried Anderson Cooper today in ratings.  I like his show and he’s very good at entertaining and bringing good news to light and also I might venture to say that ratings are very much in here to keep the show up at the top.  He’s done a little bit of everything including talking to the dead:)  Last week he gave one of our Los Angeles Newscasters a stress test so he must never rest.  The FDA does describe the difference between natural arsenic and that which is poison and says it is safe, stay tuned as I’m sure there will be more on this one.  BD 

LA-ABC News Anchor Gets a Stress Test from Dr. Oz–And As the Show Moves to Channel 7

Apple Juice Arsenic
Apple Juice

WEDNESDAY – SEPTEMBER 14, 2011  Dr. Oz Investigative report on arsenic in apple juice reveals high levels in the juice you drink. Aging too fast on the inside. The 6 super foods to slow aging and prevent disease. Marjorie Johnson puts Dr. Oz's super foods to the test.



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