You have to hand it to Remote Area Medical for helping so many with providing healthcare clinics.  imageThis was the first appearance in Las Vegas, helped along as now doctors can cross state lines to come in and volunteer their services for the two day even.  People were sleeping in their cars waiting for the free clinic to open.  Here’s where the action began with doctors being able to cross state lines at the link below.  This was big deal as even when Dr. Oz came to a RAM event in Los Angeles the laws had not been changed to initially he was not able to see patients either. 

Stan Brock From Remote Area Medical Speaks Out Asking Laws To Allow Doctors To Be Able to Cross State Lines

Remote Area Medical was started to help other countries in need of healthcare but with the mess we have with healthcare in the US, their big job now is focused right here.  Donations completely fund RAM.  This event took place at a High School in Las Vegas. 

Eye glasses are always something in demand as well as dental care at most of the clinics.  The city of Las Vegas and CARE were directly involved in getting the RAM clinic to the city.  This was only the first day and I can tomorrow will even be busier.  BD 

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Adjust your eyes and you will see Bonanza High School's packed, dark gym.

The people inside need standard health care like dental and optical work.

"I just couldn't afford them and right now glasses are really high and I don't work and this is one way I could help out my parents," said Viviana, who waited for eye-glasses since 3:30 a.m.


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