Of course normally any donation is nice but not any more in this case.  This is Los Angeles and I’m sure there might be plenty others to step in singly or a group and replace the $3 Million as there’simage lots of folks that can do it here and UCLA is not on the “desperate hospital” list either.  There was no arrangement to have to create a plaque so no issues there. 

We all know by now what happened and this was not the first negative exposure for Donald Sterling.  Maybe he’s a bipolar that’s never been diagnosed.  I say that after I listened to the phone call which was not only insulting but just listening to him bounce up and down with voice tones was weird.  The girlfriend knew how to work it I do have to say with the conversation as he went up and and down mad and then calm..nuts.

The foundation had only paid $425,000 so far as a first installment so it was not all in the UCLA bank yet.  At this point if I were him and needed surgery or care, he might certainly look elsewhere as UCLA would not appear too happy to have hi as a patient either.  Sterling even took an ad out in the LA Times to announce his donation as well and who does that?  Normally that gets press on it’s own so I guess even there he wanted to make sure he has press…go figure.  Also remember he wouldn’t pay for prostate cancer surgery either for one of the Clipper coaches and the team had to take up a collection?  This is just a very nasty person.  BD

LA Clippers Team Members Chipped in to Pay for Coach’s Treatment for Prostate Cancer When the Team Owner Declined Coverage

UCLA will return $425,000 recently donated by the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation for kidney research and will cancel an agreement that would have brought Sterling’s gift to $3 million over seven years, the university announced Tuesday.

The university also denied Sterling's previous boasts that his donation and pledge were supposed to lead UCLA to name a lab after him and his wife.

The agreement called for an initial $425,000 payment and for the remainder of the $3 million to be paid out over seven years and “nothing else was touched on,” Stogsdill said.

The gift agreement did "not contemplate signage or the naming of a research laboratory,” she said.



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