Here’s part three in talking about SydaSoft Medical Billing and Practice Management software. image Below are a few lines from the website all with links and you can browse through.  In addition, with filling out a genera information request you can download a a fully functioning demo of the program and I believe it does around 50 claims in demo mode.  Last week I posted a video with a happy user who didn’t have to update the software in 7 years of use other than adding new reports as they became available. 

If you are a Spring Charts or MediNotes(Allscripts)  user for medical records, there’s an HL7 Sydalink disc to get you connected.  The back end uses MS SQL server and can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.  The company will provide the cloud services for you.  If you are an established billing service the software was made for your business.  In addition if you are a start up billing company there’s answer for you there as well with the sister company Claim-Tek and you can find out more here if you want to start a billing company.  The front end is built with .NET and contains numerous crystal reports. 

In addition there’s also a Quick Books integration module so why enter the information twice and the main program includes insurance narratives and note attachment capabilities.  SydaSoft is a sponsor of the Medical Quack and if you are in the market for new billing and practice management software, give a look.  Next week I’ll add another chapter and a bit more about the sister company Claim-Tek for those wanting to begin a billing service or are already in the business.  BD

Solid Database Engine in a Modern Medical Billing Software:

SydaMED® features the latest MS SQL 2008 database engine, Crystal reports & .NET programming - SydaMED® medical billing software will not crash nor garble your valuable data.
SydaMED® is Updated!  SydaMED® medical practice management software is ICD-10 compliant and seamlessly handles the new CMS-1500 form as well as the CMS-1450 (UB). SydaMED® is compatible with Windows 8, imageWindows 7, Vista, XP.
Easy to Learn or Switch to:  Intuitive data-entry screens. Easily import information from other medical billing software systems. Great import/export features.
Modern Medical Billing Software: Attractive graphical user interface, designed for the latest operating systems, wide LCD screens & large fonts.
Full Cycle Accounting System: Data-entry, electronic billing, advanced EOB posting.
Amazing Reports: Over a hundred management reports and hundreds of sub-reports with this comprehensive practice management software.
Document Scanning: Scan documents, images, and DL information into patient charts.
EMR Integration Through HL7: SydaMED® medical billing software links seamlessly with leading EMR systems such as MediNotes through its own 2-way HL7 interface "SydaLink".
  • AFFORDABLE! Starts at only $2,495! See Price List for all versions of SydaMED® medical billing software.
  • Free Product Demos | Medical Billing Software: Download and explore SydaMED® practice management software. One look and you will realize that it is sophisticated yet easy to navigate and use. It is the medical billing software for the 21st century

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