This is interesting and normally a medical record component has a place for vaccine monitoring so not quite sure where the “real” value is here with this collaboration other than Merck having some access to data?  I see mentioned a lot the comparison of the community as being “valued” information for theimage doctor and you know what, I don’t average MD has time to even look, but rather focuses on the patient they are caring for as that’s what matters.  Sure if there’s some spare time they might look around but again correct me if I missed something here on the communality stats..just more of the same drilling stats down for folks to read. 

Merck is also an advertiser on Practice Fusion so that makes things interesting as well.  With all the records held by insurers in such in depth detail today some of those folks also have vaccine follow up programs that doctors coordinate with as well. This appears to be more of a potential to build more business for Merck if you will to sell more vaccines with having access.  We all know that Practice Fusion sells de-identified data from their medical records program and that’s been a model since day one and the trade off to cover the cost of a free medical records system.   The company a few months back landed more funding and is not in a spot to where any profits have been shown yet to my knowledge. 

Practice Fusion Lands $70 Million Funding To Keeps The Wheels Rolling To Provide Free Electronic Medical Records Along With Selling Data To Support Revenue Streams–Plans an IPO At Some Point In Time

Dr. Oz a while back has also given the company some PR with one of his shows. We keep seeing more and more partnerships develop along the way.  BD 

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  Practice Fusion , the country's largest physician-patient community, today launched its Population Health Management offering in collaboration with Merck MRK +2.98% ,  a global healthcare leader committed to increasing access to health care for patients  through far-reaching policies, programs and partnerships.

Practice Fusion's 112,000 monthly active medical professionals now have a real-time dashboard that compares each provider's patient population to those of other Practice Fusion providers, allowing them to actively track the percentage of their adult patients that have received select vaccinations based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This gives them a quantified view of their vaccination rates. During patient office visits, the program notifies providers within the EHR if a vaccine is recommended for that particular patient based on guidelines from the CDC.


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