Interesting to read here that many of the employees can’t afford the hospital’s family health plan so I guess imagethose folks might be on Obamacare via the insurance exchanges or Medicaid.  Some are on food stamps too.

Nobody wants a strike of course.    BD

Service, maintenance and technical workers at Johns Hopkins Hospital, negotiating late last night for higher wages as their contract expired, failed to reach an agreement and scheduled negotiations to continue on Thursday.

1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the union representing roughly 2,000 employees at Hopkins Hospital, says that about 1,400 of them are paid less than $14.91 per hour – the rate that qualifies a family of four for food stamps. Wages at Hopkins range from $10.71 per hour to $27.88 per hour.

Kiva, like many workers at Hopkins, can’t afford the hospital’s family health plan,” the site says. “So even though she helps provide world-class care, she can’t afford to get braces for her son.”


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