Ok so the question is, did SAP get in the door here to make a few bucks too?  It seem like all we do any more is support banks and on line advertising.  All of this for targeted marketing so I’ll have to start using Tor more often I guess and make sure I have a strong enough scanner to find these hidden cookies. image A few months ago when I moved and had FIOS installed, the tech said it was “mandatory” that he install the software on my computer to control my router…lol..right.  I wasn’t born yesterday.  First thing I did was disable it and take it off the start up with Windows.  I just corrupted it for the most part. 

So Much Money and Profit in the Data Selling, Epidemic, SAP Now Coming in as a Middleman Broker to Interpret Data & Share Profits With Wireless Carriers- Banks/Companies Making Billions

“The Journal said SAP will share profits from the service with the mobile operators that provide data. The paper also reported that SAP hasn't said which mobile operators, specifically, it's working with.”

Target advertising has been around for a while but has changed with the folks advertising wanting too much information and I should actually change that around a bit in the fact that Verizon, Google and others are telling them they absolutely have to have this so they can make more money.  I’m already tuned out to ads anyway for the most part, have never used one on my phone and rarely on the web, so they lose money with me and gain all my behavior information, no thanks.  Google’s already in bed with the data brokers on their new test pilot program to follow you through stores now. 

Google Partnering With Data Brokers Acxiom And Others To Follow You Around While You Shop On a Test Project-Data Selling Data Businesses Benefit And Tech Companies Operate Off Shore Tax Havens-Do Google and Facebook Pay US Taxes on This Revenue?

And this next link, watch the videos as the #1 quant in the world tells you why this will never a complete science as the folks who want to target you want to find that 100 bottles of beer you want to buy but in the real world, you may only want 80 or 200 or not buy any at all so going beyond standard methodologies and really narrowing down my behavior, no thanks as this seems like some additional quantitated justifications for things that are not true or have way too distant relationships with the way they are trying to do this and the buyers of the ads, well there’s some duping on there as far as what Verizon, Google, etc. will claim to be a reliable gauge for directing your marketing.  It’s going too far non linear now. 

It Will Never be 100 Bottles of Beer, Healthcare, Financials, Etc.-A Simple Explanation and Guide To Think About With Reports and Analytics Floating Around Out There Today When You Look for Value..

So what other technologies and companies are in with this?  We don’t know, time to license and excise tax some data sellers as I have been saying for the last 3 years.  BD

Licensing and Excise Taxing Data Sellers, Facial Recognition Yet One More Tool Used To Secure & Match Data - The Epidemic, Billions in Profits for Banks and US Corporations Using Killer Algorithms to Further Erode Consumer Privacy

As far as corporate notices go, they don't get much creepier than this recent alert from Verizon Wireless.

The company says it's "enhancing" its Relevant Mobile Advertising program, which it uses to collect data on customers' online habits so that marketers can pitch stuff at them with greater precision.

"In addition to the customer information that's currently part of the program, we will soon use an anonymous, unique identifier we create when you register on our websites," Verizon Wireless is telling customers.

This identifier may allow an advertiser to use information they have about your visits to websites from your desktop computer to deliver marketing messages to mobile devices on our network," it says.

That means exactly what it looks like: Verizon will monitor not just your wireless activities but also what you do on your wired or Wi-Fi-connected laptop or desktop computer — even if your computer doesn't have a Verizon connection.

The company will then share that additional data with marketers.

Joanne Schwartz, 65, of Tustin received the Verizon Wireless notice last week.

This is one of the more outrageous examples of how businesses loudly proclaim their commitment to safeguarding consumers' privacy while quietly selling us out to the highest bidder.

But here's the thing: Google and Yahoo offer lots of cool free services, such as Gmail and Yahoo Finance. Their aggressive data collection is how they help subsidize these offerings.



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