The benefits package is good by comparison and the entire strike issue seems to be mostly over hourly wages and the union would like all to start at $14.00 an hour instead of $12.25.image

Employees say it’s still hard to live on the hourly wages.  Employees get tuition help to go to school and and union leader was quick to comment there as well, she said we do we go for work with a PHD? 

It sounds to me like the employees might be benefit rich and hourly wage low, which does make a difference as you can’t buy food with benefits.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Just for conversation, what if the tuition benefit was removed and a $1.00 more per hour was given?  The tuition doesn’t cost unless someone uses it but the hourly wages are part of normal compensation so I guess the question here is this even?  Employees do get affordable health insurance.  BD


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