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Today SydaSoft Medical Billing and Practice Management Software joins the Medical Quack as a sponsor and I’m delighted to have them on board.  They are located in Tustin, California and have a nice practice management software system.  If you are going to be look at screens all day it might as well look good.  I installed the demo version and played around myself with the software with my tiny bit of experience in billing just to check it out.

What I found interesting though in the complete software package is the “biometric” software where fingers prints can be used.  It’s an option for those who want it. 

I have included a few screenshots here to give you a short glimpse of the screens.  If you want to find out more just click on the the “Flipping book” below or to the right, which opens to a full brochure and you can find out more.  In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a couple other items about the software and talking about another entity of the company, so stay tuned for some updates. 

Here’s a screenshot with several windows open.  In addition the software also has several interfaces built to connect with electronic medical records system. 


Here’s another screenshot and the user interface is easy enough to use and intuitive if you have ever done any medical billing, easy to find your way around.  The software can be purchased and installed on your computer or network or you can also ask about cloud hosting as well. 


Again, take some time and look at the Flipping book to find out more.  I’m always happy to have a company with great quality software on board here for sure!  BD 

Sydasoft Medical Billing and Practice Management Software


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