Here we go, the next move for US consumers, we are not only buried with software and start ups that are going to save the world, but while you determine what has value in the virtual software world, the Silicon folks know this is the next move and we see it every day, articles about stress with technology.  Everyone with their software development has their own interest and then it shuffles down to the consumer trying to figure out what has value.  I talk a lot about virtual and real world values, well Cannabis is “the real world” just as a vaccine or drug would be, while the software is virtual. image There’s two different communities of thought I have said too about the Silicon Valley, one group who creates software that gives us efficiencies and helps us manage and then you have the other side “that does something else”…and that’s a big group.  There are also some corporations that do both. 

I’m not writing a post here to promote cannabis but do believe that medical marijuana should be available but how it gets to market, and the rest of the story is kind of playing out right in front of us with technology companies getting ready to make their next big dollars.  So again, along with most everything else, where the small guy fit in here I guess is the question.  Some software developers are dropping out to get into the weed business. It may not be selling “weed” directly but they are going to develop all kinds of technologies to make the consumption a better experience for all.  What a shocking surprise right?  We all may remember the “bongs” from years back and it is technically illegal to sell drug paraphernalia but that’s a bit gray too.  It depends on what you call it. 

One example is the Firefly Vaporizer which is not just for pot but other items such as tobacco can be used with the product as well so it’s not just for pot.  An Apple developer left his job over there to work on this.  There you go someone who developed software, understands the complexities and the coming forces more being stressed out with trying to keep up with technology, also being a realist to know there’s money to be made off of this business too.  Chances are too he could have been a little stressed too as “programming is freaking hard” and the government and average US consumer can’t seem to get their heads around this, nor the fact that it’s been the tool of banks, corporations, etc. to promote the inequality movement as proprietary code and subsequent algorithms moves money and makes bit profits. 

The news seems to pretty much ignore this fact and focuses more on politics of such and it’s a zoo and an injustice of sorts as the people who read the news with the political focus don’t get what’s going on behind the scenes and in Washington so many have just become puppets as they don’t get this fact either.  If you notice what Google has done in the last year for one example, they have totally figured out how to snow and work the GOP.  Again these are smart people that know and understand the money that computer code makes when it is presented in a fashion as a “win” and that the average consumer will not understand the processes.

As I observe here Google is smart enough to establish lobbying relationships and present their case to the GOP, knowing all along the lawmakers won’t understand the back side here with servers and profitable algorithms and are still smart enough to not interfere and not take away from the GOP’s favorite past time of discussing women’s health and abortions that makes for a show and gives them great news coverage and hurts consumers.  It’s pretty ingenious when you think a about it as Google uses every avenue of predictive analytics they can get their hands on and studies the behaviors of the GOP and the Democrats to work them and basically get what they want, along with tossing some money their way.

Recorded future was one of the early programs that came out and I tried their free version to what it did myself and it was interesting with the timeline and of course all along I realized this is going out a bit with some non linear relationships and the error factors would be high and subject to change all the time, so no real constants there with the technology.  Below is a link out of the Medical Quack archives. 

Data Mining - CIA and Google Funding Company That Monitors the Web in Real Time and Predicts the Future – Analytic Algorithms on Steroids With “recorded Future”

Right now with new laws the promotion is being focused on Colorado andimage Washington where new laws have made recreational use legal, and the “bud” stores are popping up. I included a few paragraphs from the “Wired” article on this topic and you can see who the clients are and of course they are ready to marry up any technology and code needs right away.  No I’m not saying that Apple, Cisco and HP and going to become pot companies by any means but if there’s a way to make some money, well, what do US corporations look for?  Money.  We have everything from the science of growing weed all the way to the devices to enhance an experience. 

If you want a look at one company, visit SPARC…see what’s on the web here.  They do research on medical marijuana and there’s a lot on their website.  I’m putting the link here so you can see where the science of cannabis is going to illustrate the money making potential moving in this direction and this is only one of many. 

“SPARC is a nonprofit collective dedicated to providing lab-tested, affordable, high quality cannabis and subsidized health services to our members.
We aim to educate our patients about cannabis treatments and other alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine.
SPARC advocates for government change. We seek to be a voice for the implementation of best practices for the regulation and taxation of medical cannabis.”

So again coming back around here what an interesting mix with post and functioning with a complex internet world is it not and who’s going to profit?  Heck I go way back to my early years of high schoolClintons and taking a few drags and I still remember the pleasurable experience and the release of stress,  but I can’t imagine myself working on the computer while off in that other world, so where does this come together?  Some folks might do fine, but again I’m not ready to trust myself combining the two (grin). 

So what do we get in the news?  More stuff on the Clintons and I like them but all this coverage is completely a distraction from what is really happening and makes for a great show to keep the US Citizens distracted while the the Silicon Valley and the Weed business sets up to profit even more. 

Here’s a video from a year ago that’s well worth the watch, the science of weed.  Just be aware of the next money train for the Silicon Valley as it’s already here.  In contrast you have the stupid stuff of Facebook being sold to you as a virtual value, while the Silicon Valley is also working to use technology to promote the cannabis real world. 

Again the purpose here of this post is to alert you to “follow the money and the technology”.  The valley plays off of “The Grays” to make money.  We have a big problem because between the news and Clinton entertainment crap, this is what is going to to make even more money.  I sit there and laugh at how duped everyone is thinking that the Clintons are going to be some kind of savior.  It’s one heck of a fairy tale going on out there.  They are great people but from another point in time and have little impact on running a government other than the fine work they do with philanthropy today. 

If you want to explore how this happens, and a good look at modeling and code in the financial world, which is running everything today scroll on down to the footer of this blog or visit the Algo Duping/Killer Algorithm page and take in some videos and links that will give you a better idea on how you are duped day in and day out.  Again smoke a little weed and the algo duping may not hurt so bad as your available money shrinks even further via proprietary computer code and algorithms used by the banking industry on Wall Street.  It’s just totally floors me that it’s really taking this long for the American public to wake  up to reality as it’s the old US that it used to be and computer code and modeling is what drives inequality and helps the 1% profit even more.   Here’s  a good link from a couple of years ago from a former Wall Street Quant, ummm, folks they write the models for this and who better to give you a wake up call. 

Modeling for Inequality With Segmentation, Insurance Industry Uses Backwards Segmentation As Some Models Stand to Threaten Overall Democracy

This world is betting big money on you and I remaining confused with a case of “The Grays” so they can profit all the way around.  I’m not against someone making a profit but when you feed on the ignorance of others to do it and use proprietary computer code to where the cards are stacked it’s not fair and it’s been going on for years but in today’s environment it’s accelerated and only the few that know how to write or control the code are making money, real money from duping consumers with virtual world values. 

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

If you want to read further we also have this big data selling epidemicimage going on in the US, so bad to the point that the World Privacy Org totally focused on this about how the citizens in the US are “scored” beyond your wildest dreams and data profiles are used out of context to deny you something, but that means profit for the corporate side and and banks.

Two Data Brokers Get Fined by the FTC For Non Compliance, One Gets Most All Of The Million Dollar Fine Reduced as They Could Not Afford To Pay By the Court, But If You Are A Consumer With Medical Bills You Go To Bankruptcy Court..

So long and short here I’m not bashing the cannabis business at all, but rather just letting you know where big business and computer code is going next.  After building such a complex financial and healthcare environment, help is on the way with “code for weed” to help us all make it through.  Gone are the days when you might have a little plant in your backyard as big business and corporations move in here too.  In the video you can hear one of the companies say “we are the Silicon Valley”.   I love the term “budtender” used in the video too:)  BD

Once you get that high-grade, organically grown, energy-efficient marijuana home, there are all manner of companies trying to build a better vaporizer—many coming out of an industrial design shop called Focus, whose office is just a five-minute walk from Facebook’s headquarters. Its clients include Apple, Cisco, and HP. But it has also dived into the cannabis industry on behalf of several clients (including TurboTrimmerz), mostly from Dayton’s ArcView investment group.

UpToke, a cigar-shaped device that charges via a USB port. On the day I visited the lab, Focus designers were looking at samples of various molded textures for Spyre’s housing just back from the factory in China. UpToke’s founder, Jason Levin, is a materials engineer who jumped into the vaporizer business after seeing how e-cigs took off in Florida. After a successful online pre-order operation, Levin is excited to start sending vapes out to his backers, probably early this summer.

The $299 vaporizer will have plenty of competition: the Firefly, obviously, but the real big fish in the vaporizer ocean is the Pax from a company called Ploom. The best-known high-end vaporizer on the market today, the Pax is now seen as the vape to beat. Its founder has a master’s in product design from Stanford. Before Ploom, he too worked at Apple.

Today, marijuana is well on its way to legalization. The majority of Americans live in states that have legalized or decriminalized it in some form. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have completely legalized it for recreational use; for lulz. An industry that has long operated in isolation, below ground in basements or in remote hollows in the deep woods, is moving into the light. It will be akin to the wine business.

According to the labeling, I ate some 40 mg worth of THC. I got much higher than I’d intended. And by the time my plane lifted off, an hour and a half or so later, I was in another world. All the bullshit that goes along with air travel melted away. I was just happy and relaxed, even euphoric in my coach class seat, and looked forward to going home to my family.


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