Here’s a few words today that coincides with a post I made a few days ago relative to the PHR starter kit in a box coming to retail markets soon from MMRGlobal aka  The site neededimage an update to allow consumers to take advantage of ordering the starter kit on line.  In addition there are some new pricing break downs as well so you don’t have to pay more for what you may not need. 

PHR in A Box From MyMedicalRecords - Starter Kit Soon Available Via Major Retailers and Etailers

In addition soon to come will be the ability to share legal documents as well.  Unfortunately with healthcare in the state that it is in today leads to legal documents arising out of disputed care scenarios and if you happen to be in a dispute of any source you will be able to share documents with both doctors and lawyers from the same site, such a deal! 

I looked around a bit and signed on as if I didn’t have an account to begin with.  I do have an account and frankly I have more files on my dog than me but both of us are in there with our records:)  I went to the “best deal’ link and this is what comes up.  You can download and print a brochure here. 


If you are only needing storage and access for 2 people the cost if half of what it used to be and the same for more up to 10 family members.  Its probably worth a mention here too that the laws have changed a bit and now consumers will be able to get their own copies of their lab reports now and a PHR is good place to store them for sure. 

The new rule says they need to be available within 30 days and I’m sure most are going to do it via the web versus mailing on paper.  I just read the other day where Quest Diagnostics is ready with their system to provide consumersimage copies of their labs.  Labs have until October to comply so there might be some labs out there still working on their access programs. 

I do have to say this has been interesting following the company for the last year too with many turn of events relative to the various licensing and patent settlements.  CEO Bob Lorsch does use his own PHR program too and wrote about it not too long ago.  BD

CEO Bob Lorsch of Mymedicalrecords.Com Uses His Company PHR Software With Stored Records And Communication Capabilities To Avoid Surgery And In Turn Gets The Proper Treatment At Hospital…
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