What a nice break from statistics…and great a documentary here.  The doctorimage grew up in North Carolina and was a very successful doctor with neurology and psychology.   He developed an “eye” disease and had to make some changes.  When you see him on his roller skates you would never think doctor.

He said he was lost in a rational world.  He said he had become an “asshole” and had all kinds of material things.  It’s interesting to hear him tell his story and when it got too financial it was getting to him.

He said he had the opportunity to stop and so it was time to make some kind of a change and roller-skating on the boardwalk it is and he lives now in a small studio apartment.  This takes a few minutes to watch and if the system doesn’t treat our doctors nicer, well I how many would stop and do this, heck it even sounds good to me! 

So now he’s addicted to skating and he does tell you about what the neurological explanation is to acceleration from his past life’s education.  He said he wants to get to the end stage of life without being an asshole:) BD 

Josh Izenberg is a filmmaker based in San Francisco. “Slomo,”  which is his first documentary, has received more than a dozen awards including Best Documentary Short by the International Documentary Association and the jury award for best short documentary at SXSW.

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