There has been a saline shortage going on for a while now and the FDA hasimage cleared Baxter to being importing from their plant in Spain.  Also another company Fresenius Kabi, was given the ok to export saline to the US. 

Spike In Flu Creating Shortage With IV Saline Solutions In Hospitals Across the US

In addition we this shortage to deal with.   BD

Nitroglycerin IV Is the Latest Drug Shortage With Sole Producer Baxter Rationing Orders, These Are Tangibles That We Need In the “Real” World, Meanwhile The Virtual World Seems To Be Bordering On Insanity Of Late..

WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators are allowing a U.S. medical supply company to import saline solution from its Spanish plant to address a national shortage of the hospital staple.

The Food and Drug Administration announcement is the latest effort to increase U.S. supplies of the salt solution, which is used to rehydrate hospital patients and assist in the delivery of drugs


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