It was a good week for the FDA and this is second life saving drug/device approved byimage the FDA, the other devices at the link below is also lifesaving in stopping loss of blood with deep gun shot wounds.  This device is called Evzio and it delivers a single of naloxone that reverses the effects experienced with a drug overdose. The drug has been available so far only in hospitals.

FDA Approves XStat Syringe Which Seals Gunshot Wounds in 15 Seconds..

Attention is needed with drug over doses and a lot has been focused on FDA approvals for Opioid drugs that get abused and on the other hand when used properly for people that really need relief, you can’t ban the drugs either.  The device should be available this summer. 

More about the device can be read here.   The device can be used by relatives or friends to help those who have overdosed.  BD 

Federal health regulators approved a drug overdose treatment device on Thursday that experts imagesay will provide a powerful lifesaving tool in the midst of a surging epidemic of prescription drug abuse. Similar to an EpiPen used to stop allergic reactions to bee stings, the easy-to-use injector — small enough to tuck into a pocket or a medicine cabinet — can be used by the relatives or friends of people who have overdosed.

The hand-held device, called Evzio, delivers a single dose of naloxone, a medication that reverses the effects of an overdose, and will be used on those who have stopped breathing or lost consciousness from an opioid drug overdose. Naloxone is the standard treatment in such circumstances, but until now, has been available mostly in hospitals and other medical settings, when it is often used too late to save the patient.


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