Last week I introduced SydaSoft as a new sponsor at the Medical Quack.  As I had mentioned sydasoft25the software for billing and practice management has been a bit of a “sleeper” so about once I week I’m going to provide some short posts here to tell you a bit more about it.  First of all the working space is great and something you don’t mind looking at on the screen.

Below is a happy client who bought the software 7 years ago and did not have to upgrade until now of course in preparation for ICD 10 migration and the new CMS forms.  How many other software programs are still going without having to purchase a major update for seven years, not too many as most have you upgrading about once a year. 

As mentioned before the company is not brand new but is now taking the time to grow and expand their market.  There is the basic program and you can also buy addition models such as the biometrics module if you wanted to incorporate that ability into your billing system.  To find out more about the software, just use the “flipping book” under my sponsor section to see more.  Again it can be a local installation or can be hosted on the cloud, which ever you may prefer.  BD 

This is a SydaSoft client who uses ClaimTek's software that has been re-branded under the name SydaMed. This client bought the system in 2007 and was able to use the SydaMed software for 7 years before having to upgrade.


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