Initially they thought there was a fish bone story you need to read the full account to believe it...and she collected $60,000.00...there was an offending bone and the doctors removed the problem small bone...wild story and strange judge on this one...BD 

Yes, indeed another story of an inappropriate lawsuit for “medical malpractice”. And this one also involves an obviously biased judge, an unethical radiologist, and a ridiculous patient.image

In this case, the x-ray looked suspicious. The ER doc thought he saw something. He called the radiologist for his opinion. He told the ER doc, “No, that is not a foreign body, it is just an osteophyte”(a congenital free piece of bone present in tons of peoples bodies and completely normal).It was removed and the patient went on her way with no evident problems except a sore throat.

A few weeks later, all three doctors get the dreaded “, esq” singed letter - they are being sued for missing the bone. Now, here is the ridiculous part. Her suffering? Severe pain? Infections? Scarring? Worse? No, SHE SUED BECAUSE SHE COULD NO LONGER PERFORM ORAL SEX! Yes, that is right.

Another Case that makes you Sick

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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