This is sure you have Silverlight and visit the "Patient Journey Demonstrator" to interact and see how the User Interface works...Dr. Crounse speaks to the NHS and talks about the unity needed for physicians to be able to use the same interface for entering patient information.  Watch the video here...for more information from the tech folks working with the NHS.  image

The Common User Interface site can be found here.  Controls and samples can be downloaded via the CodePlex Library for developers.  

"This is the 1.3 release of the Microsoft® Health Common User Interface Toolkit. The scope and imagerequirements of this release are based on materials imageproduced from extensive consultation with patient safety experts, clinicians, user interface designers and  application developers. This release includes a new control in Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft® Silverlight™ " 

Discussion Panels and feedback can be found here....

There are several controls available for Visual Studio for developers...both in PPF and Silverlight....

"MSCUI provides User Interface Design Guidance and Toolkit controls that address a wide range of patient safety concerns for healthcare organizations worldwide, allowing a new generation of safer, more usable and compelling health applications to be quickly and easily created.  The newest release of this work, V1.3, is aimed at user interface designers, application developers and patient safety experts who want to find out more about the benefits of a standardized approach to user interface design."image

The Roadmap Schedule is here and is also formatted in Silverlight...

HealthBlog : Microsoft Common User Interface for Health Applications--Take 1.3


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