For anyone in healthcare publishing documents that are to be included with a “Creative Commons” license, you might want to take a look at this add in.  This makes the process a bit easier to include the license, especially if you are a very definitive license not allowing others to republish.  BD 

Microsoft's Creative Commons Add-in for Office licenses your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with an easy drop-drop menu—so you can set the appropriate license in a couple of clicks.

Once installed, the add-on is extremely easy to use—just check the new Creative Commons tab on the Ribbon if you are using Office 2007 (or the File menu for earlier versions), select New License, and then follow the wizard to specify your licensing terms—the appropriate Creative Commons license will be available on the menu to insert.


One other item of note for students, don’t forget the Big Steal for $59.99 – Office Ultimate which is normally around $600.00 and available for current students with an EDU email address extension and runs through December 2010.

Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office 2007 v1.01

Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office 2003 & Office XP v1.2

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