Humorous and very well done!  I use Office Live myself and have switched a couple medical facilities over to it’s use and what a great way to share records.  If you add Office Live Small Business you get a free website too and I don’t have to worry about non encrypted emails and documents.

You would absolutely be amazed at the number of Word documents being carried around by physicians that might contain your medical records.  Boo too on the hospitals that still allow them to carry in these drives to upload documents.  It is better to have the medical information stored on a secured server, plus you don’t have worry about carrying the drive around.  I’m still having a very difficult time though with the big word “change” and getting a few people to learn just a few new tricks to use this and part with that little device.  Want to store pictures and stuff, sure go for it, but keep the important medical information secure. 

We still have stuff like this happening:

If You Take the Time to Encrypt Medical Information – Don’t Tape the Passwords on the Container or Flash Drive – NHS Security Breach

The Department of Defense learned their lesson the hard way too, nice virus got into their system.  Be considerate of your patient medical data and don’t go this route so your drive ends up in USB imprisonment and you on the news. 

There’s also a Google solution here too.

Offisync– Microsoft Office Add On Toolbar to work with Google Docs…


One other item of note for students, don’t forget the Big Steal for $59.99 – Office Ultimate which is normally around $600.00 and available for current students with an EDU email address extension and runs through December 2010.

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