This is something that has been in the news with other retail drug chains as far as not using a cheaper generic drug.  Once all the data is analyzed and brought forward through some audit tables, we’ll probably have a better picture of what this is all about.  BD 

Sounds like things got nasty last year as Walgreens and Express Scripts were negotiating a new contract. Now the companies are suing each other in federal court.

It’s understandable that things might get tense between the companies; the role of Express Scripts as a pharmacy benefits manager is to negotiate deals on prescription drugs. According the suit filed by Walgreens, an Express Scripts executive “warned that, if negotiations did not go well, [Express Scripts] would make life very difficult for Walgreen.”

Instead, Express Scripts sued first, seeking $25 million in damages. In the suit, Express Scripts said its audits had uncovered that Walgreens was, among other things, filling prescriptions with more expensive capsules instead of with cheaper tablets. Walgreens has denied the Express Scripts allegations in court.

Walgreens, Express Scripts Fight Over ‘Blitzkrieg’ Audits - Health Blog - WSJ


  1. Am I the only one who sees what's going on? These PBMs are planning on forcing EVERY Mcare Reformed cardholder in 2010 and beyond (NOT just mcare - D people, I'm talking now about EVERY CARD HOLDER UNDER OBAMA'S bill!!) in to Mandatory Mail-Order Rxs. 1) Access? Check. Post Office delivers every day to every home ALREADY. 2) Cost? Only closing all pharmacies.

  2. You're nuts. "Obamacare" has nothing to do with this. It's the GREEDY pharmaceutical and insurance companies who want us to pay high costs for health insurance and then sell us cheap drugs and services in return, hoping the sickest of us will just DIE off due to lack of decent care, which is something that "Obamacare" wanted to get rid of completely (until they butchered his original idea to enable the greedy pigs to keep screwing us and cause the citizens to hate it

    THIS has nothing to do with President Obama's Heath Care Bill. It has to do with the degradation of our health care providers due to GREED. I DO agree that they want us all to use THEIR company instead of our local pharmacies and do not care about what is best for the patient. Blaming everything that has to do with healthcare on President Obama is not only irresponsible, but ignorant of facts.

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