Medical Science Liaisons can in fact be in a position to discuss off label drug use.  The occupation has been around for over 40 years and was coined by the Upjohn company years ago.  There are usually higher education requirements, such as a PHD associated with the position.image

Drug companies may have found a new way to communicate and go where the sales personnel are limited in what they can discuss.  They are considered medical, but working with the sales force with pharma companies appears to be somewhat of a pre-requisite.  BD  

Has the pharmaceutical industry found a loophole for off-label marketing? While pharmaceutical reps can’t push drugs for off-label use, medical science liaisons (MSLs) can certainly “educate” physicians and hospital staff about a drug’s profile and clinical trials.

According to the WSJ, the FDA allows drug companies to respond to unsolicited requests for information from doctors, including off-label data, if they provide truthful, nonpromotional material.


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