Well if you have not located enough information yet, the AMA has a web based tool for you to compare systems and prices.  I didn’t see any mention of the free NEPSI system though, but perhaps they were only comparing the full featured systems. You can use the link on this site to look at NEPSI if you like as it uses the Allscripts program and gets the job done, but the one you pay for has some additional whistles and bells.

It would be nice to have some testimonials from physician members reaping some benefits, that always helps and it looks more like a “do as we do” initiative instead of a “do as I say” presentation and if any are utilizing any features that will drop the information into a PHR.    I tried the locator myself and didn’t see an option for one that can send the information to a PHR, like the HealthVault project that was announced a couple weeks ago.  At any rate, here’s the site for additional information.  BD 

American Medical Association and HealthVault to Provide Physician’s Portal – Physicians Will be able to access “Patient Shared” Information


A recent survey found about 30 percent of physician participants use an ePrescribing system in their practice. This is a sizable increase from the 13 percent who said the same at the end of last year," said AMA Board Member Joseph M. Heyman, MD. "With the current Medicare ePrescribing incentive and the promise of increased patient safety and practice efficiency, physician interest in adopting new technologies is increasing. We are glad to be able to offer physicians guidance on ePrescribing."

AMA - AMA Unveils Enhanced ePrescribing Learning Center


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