With the recent acquisitions to include Sun Microsystems, the company certainly has many options and ways to go with this.  Oracle has been known for growth over the years by purchasing and bringing software companies into the fold.  This article makes reference to comments made last year, perhaps before the entire cloud situation was understood and it’s potential.  With virtualization, it’s an entire new ballgame here and healthcare is right up there in the forefront.  Amazon and Microsoft are 2 big competitors in the cloud business.  image

Cloud computing take a bit of planning and engineering to bring several platforms together for the ultimate end result.  BD

Following his outburst against cloud computing last year, it appears that Larry Ellison has warmed up to the cloud computing model, if not the buzz phrase itself. Oracle's CEO yesterday said it's a goal to become the software industry's "number one on-demand application company."

Ellison last year lambasted cloud computing, referring to the hype around it as "idiocy," "gibberish," and "crazy." As I pointed out at the time, however, Oracle was moving into cloud computing even as its leader railed against it. During a conference call yesterday with analysts to discuss Oracle's financial results, Ellison provided evidence that Oracle is indeed making progress on this front and has ambitious goals in the software-as-a-service market.

"We think we can be the number one applications company, the number one on-premise application company, and the number one on-demand application company. That's our goal," he said.

Oracle Moves A 'Little Bit' Into Cloud Computing - Plug Into The Cloud - InformationWeek

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