This has been one sad week for Hollywood and now Michael Jackson, sad and he will be missed as he was an icon in the entertainment world.  Another article said he was dancing and practicing last night, rehearsing for his tour.  He didn’t show until 10 when 7 was the time scheduled and the report stated he was “listless”, but those at the Staples Center where the rehearsal was held said that was normal.  BDimage

Life & Style reports that Michael Jackson was taking a cocktail of up to seven prescription drugs in the months before his death. 

The star had been taking prescription painkillers including anti-anxiety drugs Xanax, Zoloft and painkiller Demerol in recent months, sources close to Jackson told Life & Style. The insider close to the star said he took a suspected overdose of drugs on Thursday morning, which caused respiratory and cardiac arrest.

And a Jackson family lawyer told CNN he "feared" the drugs could kill the pop star. CNN's interview with the source follows the jump. The cause of his death is still unknown, but an autopsy is scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon. Michael was transferred from UCLA Medical Center to the coroner’s office via a Los Angeles Sheriff's helicopter shortly after 6pm

Report: Overdose of prescription drugs may have killed Michael Jackson - Kansas City Star


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