Just yesterday it was in the news about the botched brachytherapy procedures at the VA in Philadelphia.  From what I read here the device offers the patient fewer treatments and better targeting for the procedure.  Brachytherapy is used for breast and prostate cancer procedures too, although this device in this article is being used for uterine cancer treatments, so there could be possibilities for use with other treatments.  Hopefully we will have enough isotopes available too as with the reactor in Canada being closed, shortages are being noticed at hospitals in the US.  BD 

Isotope Shortage Beginning to be Felt at USC Medical and other Facilities in US and Canada - Update

The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston General Hospital recently performed its first high dose rate brachytherapy radiation treatment using the newest and most innovative technology. The Flexitron – the piece of equipment used to deliver the treatment – is the first of its kind in North America. Its technology allows increased comfort and convenience for patients.

With the new technology using high dose rate radioactive isotopes, the treatment can be given much faster and does not require hospitalization. “Now we are able to offer an equally effective treatment with a procedure that can be done as an outpatient,” says Wendy. “Patients now get three treatments at weekly intervals and each one takes about 15 minutes. It is much more convenient and comfortable for the patient.”


“The Flexitron allows us to deliver radioactive material to the patient and adhere to safety and quality guidelines,” says medical physicist Dr. John Schreiner. “It also uses specialized software to calculate the specific dose delivery for each individual patient.”





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