This has been a pain for kids with injections, so it looks like soon kids will have a choice.  Antares has several devices on the site, one pictured imagebelow, which may or may not be the specific one used. 

Recently a study with inhaled growth hormones was conducted as well. This is reported to be the first of five products to be released from the partnership with Antares and Teva.  BD 

Inhaled growth hormone safe for children - Study

 Teva has been one busy company of late if not in the R and D area, plenty of legal challenged with Merck and Amgen with intellectual property challenges.  BD 

Teva, the world's largest generic drug maker, and Antares filed a supplemental new drug application last year to use the needle-free device to administer Tev-Tropin, a human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone is a protein, given by injection, that is commonly used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency.

UPDATE 2-Teva, Antares get FDA nod for needle-free device | Markets | Markets News | Reuters


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