The pharmacy benefit manager does not sell drugs, MedImpact, and the information contained within will be viewable via HealthVault.  What is also imageinteresting is the physician access through cloud technology.  3.5 million is a pretty large crowd of patients who receive benefits through the vendor.  Through the MSMS connection e-prescribing software will not be needed as the physician, with the patient’s permission will have access through the portal.  I am guessing if everything for the patient is handled through the one pharmacy benefit manager, they are taking care of either mailing or sending the script to a drug store. 

With the MSMS portal, a CCR record can be requested by any member physician complete with medication reports.  There are some screenshots below but it appears the Medical Society has grouped together vendors and put together some basic charting, e-prescribing, labs and other programs all under one single sign on.  BD 

The Michigan State Medical Society Wednesday announced a collaboration with Microsoft Corp., Compuware subsidiary Covisint and MedImpact Healthcare Systems Inc., to be first in the nation to provide statewide connectivity of medical and pharmacy data for imageMichigan. 
Patients and physicians who use the medical society's electronic portal, MSMS Connect, will now have access to critical health care data in one location -- Microsoft HealthVault. This new collaboration expands MSMS' nation-leading effort to help implement electronic health care technology statewide.Approximately 3.5 million patients in Michigan receive their pharmacy benefits through MedImpact, the nation's largest pharmacy benefit management company that does not sell drugs. Now, patients will be enabled to easily view their prescription information through HealthVault and MSMS Connect. In addition, with patient permission, physicians also will have access to this information through MSMS Connect, enabled through Covisint's cloud-based technologies.

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WWJ Newsradio 950 - Medical Society, Microsoft, Covisint to Expand Health Care Tech

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