Finally, but not here in the US yet, a pacemaker that will allow a patient to have an MRI.  No word on how long before we may see FDA approval here in the US.  (picture at the right does not necessarily represent the device approved)  BD 

MINNEAPOLIS -- Medical-device maker Medtronic Inc. said Friday it received European Union marketing approval for a new version of a imagepacemaker that can be used in an MRI machine.

Medtronic ( MDT - news - people ) said the Advisa DR MRI SureScan pacing system has been approved. The company said patients with pacemaker implants are discouraged from having MRI scans because the machinery could interfere with the functioning of the pacemaker. The Minneapolis company estimated that between 50 and 75 percent of pacemaker patients worldwide need an MRI scan at some point, and that about 2 million Europeans have pacemakers.

Medtronic says EU approves new MRI-safe pacemaker -


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