Recently I have covered quite a bit about Quest Diagnostics and I thought I should also make mention that Labcorp also connected to the HealthVault.  I am not sure if they connect with Google Health yet, but it would make sense for this to happen if not as 23 and Me uses Labcorp for their sequencing. 

The National Genetics Institute is a subsidiary of LabCorp.  In other related news Labcorp is purchasing Monogram Biosciences, who is in the business of molecular diagnostic products for infectious disease and cancer testing. 


Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) and Microsoft Corp. recently entered into a strategic relationship that will enable eLabCorp healthcare providers to electronically export laboratory test results directly to their patients’ HealthVault records.

LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories. The eLabCorp Web-based application streamlines the test order process for healthcare providers by delivering online test ordering and result retrieval capabilities. eLabCorp connectivity with HealthVault will empower LabCorp to provide innovative online services to their patients.

imageOnce test results from eLabCorp are stored in the patient’s HealthVault record, the patient will be able to accurately track historical test results and share that information with treating physicians and people they trust.

“eLabCorp is a secure, Web-based solution for test ordering and result retrieval.  With numerous management and tracking features, eLabCorp is designed to work seamlessly with existing office workflow.

The online test ordering capability allows orders to be entered electronically in the provider’s office, saving resources and streamlining the order entry process. Electronic result reports are easy to read and accessible from anywhere a high-speed Internet connection and standard Web browser are available.

eLabCorp integrates with many practice management systems (PMS) for easy retrieval of patient demographics, eliminating the need for reentry of information. This feature saves time and helps to reduce clerical errors.”

You can also use mymedlab who works with LabCorp too and enter your own lab orders with a prescription from your doctor.  BD

Patients can order up their own lab tests on line with with a referring physician and you get a free PHR to boot

So now one can order up and set up your time with a local lab, which is referenced on the site and in my area here it listed LabCorp locations as they are listed as a partner. This really is becoming a help yourself world when you need to order up your own lab work and can even pay online.


LabCorp - Connect with eLabCorp

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