Well obviously I don’t have the market cornered on this one, but yes I do have a cell phone that quacks, but being my last name is “Duck”, I think I am well entitled to have my phone quack!

It is funny though and always raises a smile and a laugh.  One of the questions that arises is “how did you make your phone quack?” In selecting a duck tone for my phone, I really did have to be selective, as you can hear in the video, it is a quiet tone, not one that quacks continuously, not one that is mad, and for sure not a cackling duck and for goodness sakes not one laying an egg.  

My duck has 3 very brief quacks, somewhat quiet but enough to get one’s attention and doesn’t carry on for more than a second, so I have to say just like the tone in the video, I have a polite “duck phone”, but one think that I do like is the fact that nobody else is confusing the tone thinking it might be their phone!  

As you can see in the video, any time a duck quacks “people listen” (grin).  There used to be a commercial for E. F. Hutton, saying the same thing that when…….talks, people listen. 

By today’s standards that is outdated and now we are left with the “call of wild” and sometimes some of the calls I receive resemble that comment.  Nobody listens to E.F. Hutton anymore, the “Ducks” have it!!  BD 


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