This is a case where you may want your interventional radiologist and/or cardiologist close at hand, literally.  This robot from Hansen is a bit different than the DaVinci imagethat we are probably all familiar with at this point.  This one is specifically made for catheter surgeries.    The robot at Scripps performed along with the surgeon of course it’s first heart surgery. 

The robotic process can help with some of the plotting of the path to follow, which is now done with various types of images, even x-rays before the surgery takes place. 


Recently I have a couple interviews on the site here that describe a bit more about interventional procedures.  I spoke at length with Dr. Bart Muhs Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery and Radiology Co–Director of Endovascular Surgery at Yale University about the surgical processes and he took quite a bit of time to explain.

Interview with Bart E. Muhs, M.D., Yale School of Medicine – Aneurysm Repair Surgery


The robot I’m almost positive will be expanded into other areas as well, you can read more about what is being done with catheters with Leg therapies below.  BD 

Cook Medical Interview Discussing PAD Leg Therapies– Rob Lyles, VP Peripheral Intervention Division

A new robotic heart catheter system offers new hope for the more than 2.2 million Americans who suffer from atrial fibrillation. The procedure, called a catheter ablation for supraventricular tachycardia, is a common arrhythmia that typically occurs in healthy people and is characterized by palpitations or a racing pulse. Driven by a joystick from a control station next to the patient, physicians at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla are now able to maneuver the robotic catheter with pinpoint precision, much like a video game.

Robot Perfoms Delicate Heart Surgery: CBS Channel 8 - Scripps Health - San Diego


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