Our Congressional Budget Office last week issued a statement that dismissed the notion that prevention saves money, this is just great with all the talk about living healthy and working on preventing diseases.  It’s also interesting to see what is said here about having a personal health coach here too, speaking of cost, and according to this article the expense is not worth it either, so maybe this money being spent by insurance companies is not being spent wisely, as premiums continue to rise?  I’m just asking the question as the article continues on to say that group functions and community efforts not only cost a lost less but have better results. 


You can view a listing of the advisors to the Congressional Budget Office here.  

Once more, its is about healthcare and just saving the buck?  Many areas here are being overlooked too with such statements as technology can enter into the picture and help out a lot, but our Congress is not known for their values on technology as much as Wall Street and Health Insurers value it, but who’s the money?  Maybe the Congressional Budget Office could use some updated business intelligence software too. Scary if this opinion is embraced whole heartedly, the citizens will be put in even a worse position.  Is it a matter of “I’ve got mine and you can go find yours”? and the heck with preventative health care?  There are a few exceptions here, but not a lot they feel are cost savings.  BD 

CHICAGO – When it comes to health care spending, an ounce of prevention is seldom worth a pound of cure. Take Mrs. Jones, a hypothetical 55-year-old obese woman at risk for diabetes. It costs $900 a year to hire a personal lifestyle coach to help her lose weight and prevent diabetes. Suppose that the coaching works for Mrs. Jones, and she is spared diabetes and all the resulting health bills.

But research shows that for every person like Mrs. Jones, six other people just like her get nothing out of such a program. They either don't lose weight or get diabetes anyway or wouldn't have developed it in the first place. The yearly cost of the prevention program for those six people: $5,400.

That's probably more than Mrs. Jones' health bills from diabetes would have amounted to.

The truth is, shockingly few prevention efforts actually save the health care system money overall, despite claims by the president and some in Congress.

Discussing daily aspirin use with people at risk of heart disease does save money. So do vaccinations for children. When doctors talk to smokers and offer medication to help them quit, that, too, saves money.

Disease prevention often costs more than it saves - Yahoo! News


  1. I am affraid health care systems are biased all over the world...

  2. this is a nice psot

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