This is a great video and Charlie Rose does a good job exploring many areas of personalized medicine.  First up is George Church and Steve Pinkerton, who discuss what he learned about himself, information reacted to his background and his preferences with coffee.  Steve Pinkerton was one of the original 10 individuals to be sequenced and you can read here for some past information and opinions he provided.  George Church, as you may be aware of now is the entire brainstorm behind the entire project. 

George Church Talks about DNA Genomic Mapping in Plain Terms

The second half is a discussion with the folks from 23 and Me and how they work with consumers to provide information and what is in store for a client and how the industry is still evolving.  They also ask about physician involvement and discuss how this had not yet gone to prime time, and how many are studying on their own. 

One area though everyone seems to agree upon is our current system of compensation with insurance, it is addressed and how it appears to be hindering the growth process of personalized medicine.  Overall this is a good informative video that covers many angles of genomics and personalized medicine and well worth watching.  BD 

George Church Says Microsoft and Google are Helping with the Growth of Personalized Medicine

Volunteers are being recruited for the next sequencing round and more information can be found here. 


Charlie Rose - A conversation about Personalized Medicine with Steven Pinker, Anne Wojcicki, George Church and Linda Avey

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George Church Talks about DNA Genomic Mapping in Plain Terms
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