Just recently Johnson and Johnson stated they too were considering selling branded generics abroad overseas.  I think with technology and drug R and D being on the fast track, patents today and in the future may not enjoy the same time frames as have been granted in the past, again due to economics and getting more affordable drugs to the market place.  The generic manufacturers are getting a bit more aggressive with their challenges as well as seen with this recent post with Teva challenging Merck with Singulair.  Teva has even generated a video about the subject.  BD image

Merck and Teva Go to Court over Singulair Going Generic

Another large drug maker is poised to expand its generic medicine business. This time it’s French-based heavyweight Sanofi-Aventis that wants to sell more in generics, particularly in the faster-growing emerging markets, writes the WSJ. As part of this push, it recently bought two generic-drug companies in Latin America, and a Czech generics maker Zentiva last year.

Like others in the industry, Sanofi faces the loss of patent protection on key products, including its lucrative anti-clotting drug Plavix, which brought in $8.6 billion in sales for it and its partner Bristol-Myers Squibb last year. Thus, Sanofi is set to reorganize its generics business and is following through on previously signaled cuts to its R&D spending as well.

Sanofi to Dive Further into Generic Drug-Making Pool - Health Blog – WSJ

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