Tumors with 2 individuals who didn’t have many other options were treated with a hormone process called androgen ablation at the Mayo Clinic which removes testosterone and radiation.  Both men are now cancer free, a miracle for the 2 who’s cancer was spreading into their abdominal areas.  Again, this was a study of only 2 individuals but certainly shows some real progress.  Treatment came first and then surgery and the comments from the surgeon somewhat speak for themselves as he had a hard time finding the cancer.  image

If this type of therapy can work on other types of cancers, it appear we are seeing some remarkable progress in the battle to cure cancer.  BD

For years it’s been medicine’s Holy Grail — a cure for cancer. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic aren’t saying they’ve found it, but they think they may be getting close.

Two patients whose prostate cancer had been considered inoperable are now cancer-free, doctors say. The men were treated using an experimental drug therapy that was used in combination with standardized hormone treatment and radiation therapy.

The men were participating in a clinical trial of an immunotherapeutic agent called MDX-010 or ipilimumab. In these two cases, physicians say the approach initiated the death of a majority of cancer cells and caused the tumors to shrink dramatically, allowing surgery. In both cases, the aggressive tumors had grown well beyond the prostate into the abdominal areas.

"The tumors had shrunk dramatically," said Dr. Michael Blute, Mayo urologist, co-investigator and surgeon, who operated on both men. "I had never seen anything like this before. I had a hard time finding the cancer. At one point the pathologist, who was working during surgery, asked if we were sending him samples from the same patient."

Mayo Clinic Announces Cancer Cure Breakthrough

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