This company has a few new wireless data reporting medical devices.  The one mentioned in the study was the blood pressure device.  These imagedevices all have Bluetooth too.  There’s also the option of connecting to a phone line to transmit as well. 

The glucose machine is pretty wild, just place your finger on the top and off the information goes.  It will send back a message and motivate or nag you too.  The products on the site look like they are all pretty straight forward.  I do have to say that Blue Tooth devices are certainly changing the way we do and will interact with devices that collect data. 

From the website:

Our scheduled rollout for 2009 includes devices* for managing various cardiac, pulmonary, and weight-related conditions:

  • IDEAL LIFE Sp02-Manager™(pulse oximeter)
  • IDEAL LIFE Breath-Manager™ (peak flow meter)
  • IDEAL LIFE Step-Manager™ (pedometer)
  • IDEAL LIFE Body-Manager Plus™ (chair scale)

It appears the company has more on the line up for this year.  These again all look like new potential HealthVault devices as we are going to need one common place to collect all the data.  The chair scale listed above sounds interesting too as I have never seen one of those.  The study mentions that patients were able to bring their blood pressure back within acceptable ranges with monitoring.  BD


A study reveals that 900 hypertensive patients using Ideal Life remote health management devices to monitor their blood pressure effectively reduced their systolic blood pressure (SYS) by an average of 10 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). For many patients, this decrease brought them below 140 mmHg, the level traditionally defined as the threshold for “high” blood pressure.

Patients Beat High Blood Pressure with Bluetooth Remote Health Monitor |


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