Ok thought I had heard of just about everything and this is a new one that I have not read about.  When you watch the video they are talking to an x-rated star who discusses all her plastic surgeries and of course this procedure too. 

The one man questioned is quite entertaining as asking who’s the specialist in this area, dermatologist,  a rectologist?  This morning I had just posted about the medical science liaisons that can go where the drug reps can’t with off label use, is this one of the areas?  (grin). 

This makes for a good Sunday afternoon post.  I guess its not much stranger than this man using the lubricant for a condom to clear his acne.  There’s a video at the post where he will tell his story too.  Who knows what will be next in the search to create the body of one’s dreams.  BD 

Thanks to the folks at Pharmagossip for this one. 



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