What won’t we be doing with a portable electronic medical device in the future?  This looks interesting enough and certainly portable.  It is paperlessimage too and results can be uploaded to a PC and it does Bluetooth too.

This looks like one more potential device for the HealthVault to store you ECG.  One the information is sent it goes to the Remote Health Monitoring System for either the physician or designated 3rd party to interpret.  Patients will be able to log on to ensure transmission took place and see their own results.  The control panel can act as an EMR or connect with other EMRs and portals. 

The ICD-9 and CPT Codes for billing information can be read here.  In addition to normal clinical offices, the company lists many other places where the device could be of use, such as on airlines, in labs, at the pharmacy, nursing homes and home care to name a few.  If a patient is on vacation somewhere around the world, the information through the web can still be submitted, so if you are on vacation you can take the device with you.

Again, thinking along here as we are getting more medical data reporting devices out there, I think we are entering the world of “personalized devices” and a PHR will help bring this under one roof, and devices definitely need to be considered when it comes to “meaningful use” by all means.  Must work ok as Dell is certifying and selling the device along with a computer for it to communicate with.  BD 


HealthFrontier, together with its technology partner, et medical devices of Italy, has introduced a new innovation in web-enabled electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. The ecg@home, small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, can record a 10-second ECG rhythm strip without electrode cables by just using the thumbs. image

The ecg@home debuted at the Premier healthcare alliance Annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, CA. It was one of only 26 products selected for showcase at Premier's inaugural Innovation Celebration, an event to celebrate advances in healthcare while highlighting healthcare industry suppliers committed to innovation and improving patient outcomes.

The ecg@home is powered by an IT backbone known as the Remote Health Monitoring System (RHMS). HealthFrontier's RHMS is a web-enabled software application that automatically receives, stores and forwards incoming ECG scans to a patient's Electronic Medical Record, thus eliminating the need for paper printouts. This innovative technology is certified on Dell systems, ensuring easy and seamless connectivity from patient to physician systems. It will be available for purchase both as a stand alone unit and with Dell hardware through the Premier healthcare alliance and through Dell.


Also coinciding with the Innovation Celebration is HealthFrontier's announcement of the microtel ecgAnywhere, a compact, hand-held, 12-lead ECG device that is equipped to upload recorded ECG data via Bluetooth, USB or through trans-telephonic transmission

Web Based ECG for Home Use |


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