About 3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to chat with CEO Peter Von Dyck of e-Zassi and view a demonstration on how the software works, it was imagepretty impressive and quick with drilling down and finding the data.  Today’s press release notes they have now been selected a preferred provider.  From the website from LifeScience below, you can see some pretty large corporations as members, as the organization is the largest in the Midwest of it’s type, specifically dedicated to bring medical device manufacturers and software together. 

“LifeScience Alley®, a Minnesota-based trade association serving nearly 600 member organizations, provides access to industry leaders, opportunities to build your business through education and networking, insights into current trends, regulations, research and emerging technologies, and the power of a legislative voice.  Members include Medtronic, Beckman Coulter, Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Cargill, and the University of Minnesota, as well as start-ups and firms that specialize in professional services for life science organizations.”

e-Zassi Marries Innovation and Collaboration in the Medical Device Industry – Interview with Peter Von Dyck

e-Zassi has also built an exclusive community ONLY for participants in the global device community and provides an enhanced means to search and identify fellow members for collaboration.


For a limited time, software trials can be purchased for $99, along with a three month membership in the community.  If you are a reader of the Medical Quack keep reading and take advantage of the offer below if you are in the medical device or related businesses.


I have worked with e-Zassi to develop a special Promotional Code just for readers of the The Medical Quack that can be used to get the $99 software trial at no cost. To take advantage of this special offer simply input the

Promotion Code: MedicalQuack, when prompted on the Registration page.



Press Release:

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- e-Zassi.com(TM) software systems designed specifically for networking and decision support for medical devices, has been named a preferred provider for LifeScience Alley(R), a Minnesota-based trade association serving over 600 member organizations that represent all sectors of the life sciences. The partnership will provide for education, discounted subscription rates and co-marketing around e-Zassi.com's proprietary software systems.

Created by and for medical device industry professionals, e-Zassi.com is the industry's first subscription-based online network and decision support software platform to improve decision-making and increase the speed and ability for successful networking for small, medium and large companies, clinicians, service providers and investors without the need to share confidential information.

"Members who take advantage of the e-Zassi platform will realize significant time and cost savings in the due diligence, design, development and commercialization phases of medical devices," says Liz Rammer, executive vice president of LifeScience Alley. She adds: "One of our critical goals is to provide our member companies with opportunities to access the most sophisticated tools and resources to help them bring life-saving devices to market."

e-Zassi.com's business model is transforming the way connections, collaborations and product planning are made. Delivered online as a SaaS product, the InnoVision(TM) decision support tool provides rapid non-confidential due diligence, triage support and market assessment of medical device technologies. The software allows users to generate a 30-40 page InnoVision Report, which calculates a new technology's probable regulatory classifications; the associated clinical endpoints to support the safety and marketing claims to earn market clearances; clarity on the reimbursement and market landscape; and identification of material manufacturing, distribution and sales burdens. This decision-support knowledge is generated in about one hour, expediting the product development and commercialization process. This content can then be posted to the worldwide marketplace and on the e-Zassi site where community members can search and find people, corporations and technologies from around the world using the e-Zassi's proprietary Device Network Attributes (DNA) powered logic.

According to Peter von Dyck, e-Zassi.com founder and CEO, "The relationship with LifeScience Alley and its members underscores the importance of multi-disciplinary collaborations to develop, finance and commercialize medical device technologies. Our DNA (Device Network Attributes) powered online network and decision support software platform has been designed to minimize the long lead times and high costs associated with traditional marketing and diligence techniques, something I have personally experienced in the past as I brought new companies and technologies to life."

LifeScience Alley(R) (www.lifesciencealley.org) is the largest trade association serving the life sciences in the Midwest. It represents over 600 member companies, organizations and institutions of all sizes that devote their efforts to the research, development and commercialization of the life sciences as well as those in the healthcare delivery system. Members represent all life science industry sectors, including medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care providers, food and nutrition and renewable energy.

e-Zassi.com (www.e-zassi.com) is a subscription-based online software platform that provides rapid due diligence, triaging and assessment of medical device innovations and uniquely categorizes and organizes the information among thousands of proprietary Device Network Attributes (DNA). e-Zassi.com was spun off from Zassi Medical Evolutions(R), a privately held company with more than a decade of success in innovation and development in medical devices.

*InnoVision Reports are innovation assessment reports with a 360 degree view of a medical device to ensure that every facet of commercialization - from clinical to regulatory to reimbursement to marketing, manufacturing and sales - is covered. In addition, because not fully understanding the potential regulatory classification can lead to time delays and increased costs, e-Zassi.com's proprietary FDA Calculator identifies the most likely predicate code.

e-Zassi.com(TM) Specialized Software Systems for the Medical Device Industry Named by LifeScience Alley(R) As Preferred Provider


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