Some of the items mentioned below are just items we do every day, like speech recognition and digital imaging.  Hats off if this process helps bring some new life and intelligence to our leaders who seem to be so far behind the times.  Maybe next visit there can be some Health IT information shared.  It certainly can’t hurt after what I saw in January on the internet with a committee that had never seen an electronic medical record and had no idea of what a personal health record was, maybe the next agenda?  BD 

Microsoft Research is heading to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, June 24, to offer a glimpse into the future of imagecomputing. During the Microsoft Research D.C. Roadshow, our researchers will demonstrate innovative technologies that will help address some of the greatest challenges we face today, such as energy sustainability and efficiency, climate change, health care costs and outcomes and personal and business productivity.

The demonstrations will showcase groundbreaking innovations arising out of Microsoft’s commitment to invest heavily in basic research. Invited guests who attend the Roadshow will have an opportunity to talk with Microsoft Research executives and computer scientists about how they are turning ideas into reality and creating technology that will help improve lives around the world, particularly in critical areas such as education, health care and personal and business success.


The Roadshow will feature 13 cutting-edge demos for a wide-ranging group of visitors, including legislators and their staffs, Obama administration officials and staff, members of the diplomatic corps, regulators, academics, industry analysts and journalists. The demos on display will depict projects and collaborations with top universities from around the world in areas such as security, speech recognition, robotics, search and digital imaging.

Microsoft Research Roadshow Heads to D.C. - Microsoft On The Issues

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