This appears to be the story of the week.  I wonder how much longer employees will be able to download and use local patient records without connecting to a secured server, where your odds are much better as far as security.  The records were not encrypted.  Granted, there are problems all over, but those associated with hardware can be prevented.  Last week it was Blue Cross shipping paper too, with charts and information being sent to an individual who had no idea why she received them and called authorities.  and I thought they were paperless!  image

There are also situations like this one below, where the time was taken to encrypt, but the passwords were taped on the drives, duh!  Something to think about if you are transporting medical information around on a USB drive.  There’s a huge need for education with security in all areas.  BD

If You Take the Time to Encrypt Medical Information – Don’t Tape the Passwords on the Container or Flash Drive – NHS Security Breach

Don’t Lose that USB Drive – Microsoft Office Live Video

ALBERTA, CANADA – Two laptops containing the health information of more than 300,000 people were reported stolen from Alberta Health Services, leading the information and privacy commissioner of the Canadian province to question the organization's level of security.

The laptops were stolen from a research lab at the University of Alberta Hospital earlier this month, according to the Edmonton Journal.

Information on the laptops included names, birth dates, personal health numbers and lab test results for communicable and reportable diseases that reportedly were not encrypted.

Canadian commissioner questions security following laptop theft | Healthcare IT News

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  1. Nowadays that type of cases is done so much, i dont come to know that at the time of this thing where the hell security is gone, i think now we have to secured all the things our self also..

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  2. Very sad news! I feel they should have had a backup, of the patience info. I see this happening every where in world. Hope they make a centralized web system form where doctors and patience can log in and view the info! thanks for sharing!

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