One thing we can all agree on is that he has made a lot of money sitting on his butt.  Good coverage here from Keith Olbermann, he must have caught him on a good day.  I guess out of all of this, the point we need to make is get health reform in order so we don’t have to continue to listen to one side picking on the other, fat, skinny, whatever, let’s make sure all US citizens are given the care when needed.  Actually I am getting a bit tired myself of hearing the overload too of what is healthy and that in itself can be counter productive as if you have too many choices and sources, you can end up walking out with nothing.  So as Rush says, “go break a leg” and run up the tab (grin). 

We know he messed up a bit here too with his talk on medical records, but he keeps us all talking I guess and continues to add to his bankroll by sitting on his butt.  BD 

Limbaugh Worrying about his Medical Records


  1. He does have a point. As a physician, I am all to aware of these healthy patients who sustain various musculoskeletal injuries due to their intense exercise routines. There often come to the office demanding expensive MRIs. These are the same patients that become the so called "worried well" or hypochondriacs.

  2. You know I thought the same thing too, so I think the message here might be to perhaps lighten up on people who are really sick and can you also be a risk when trying to be healthy too when it comes to cost, such is life.


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