Sounds like some of the same issues we have here, at least as far as wanting easier, simpler systems and wanting to be paid for the time.image  The big issue here also seems to be the fact that they don’t have interoperability there either.  A lot of Australian consumers signed up for the program but few records by comparison have been loaded in to the system. 

Now this gets interesting as the doctors are complaining the control needs to be taken away from the patients..and patients here in the US want control.  Looks like neither one is working to anyone’s satisfaction.  BD 

A key clinical adviser to the government who quit in frustration last month has described the system as "shambolic".

And the medical software industry says the body running the system, the National E-Health Transition Authority, lacks the skills to do the job and warns patient safety could be at risk.

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal who resigned in frustration from work on the e-health record says he's uploaded 150 patient records on to the system but "no-one can read it".

Fifteen months after e-health was launched - 888,825 Australians have signed up for an e-health record but by last month doctors had loaded only 5427 health summaries on to the system.

Doctors are demanding the new government pay them to spend the time writing and uploading patient health summaries on to the new system and want the system simplified.

The e-health record is meant to bring medical records into the digital age and lists a patients medications and allergies, include a health summary written by a doctor and will in the future include X-ray results, pathology results, hospital discharge summaries.


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